Short-Term Rentals

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For the purposes of this survey, a short-term rental refers to the use of an entire home, or one or more bedrooms within a home, as overnight accommodation for the general public for a period of less than 30 days, with access to cooking facilities. These are also commonly referred to as “AirBnBs” or “accessory vacation rentals.”

This does not include hotels, bed and breakfasts, or boarding rooms within a home where no access to kitchens are provided for guests.

'Accessory vacation rentals' are currently allowed by the White Rock Zoning Bylaw in legal suites as long as they obtain a business licence and meet requirements for parking and other conditions. “Accessory” also means that the vacation rental is not allowed to be the primary use of the property. A “principal residence” is where you live most of the year and the residential address you use for bills, identification, taxes, and insurance.