Mayor and Council


Local government in the City of White Rock is provided by a Mayor and Council. Currently, a Mayor and six Councillors make up Council. Members of Council are elected for four-year terms. New council members elected in the 2018 election were sworn in on November 5th, 2018. View the Oaths of Office (PDF).


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Mayor & Councillor Biographies

Meet our Mayor & Councillors and learn how to connect with them. 


Mayor Darryl Walker

Mayor Walker has over 40 years of experience in the public service sector. The Mayor was elected to City Council in the 2018 election and has been a resident of White Rock for nearly 50 years.

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Councillor David Chesney

Councillor Chesney was elected to White Rock City Council for a second term, in October 2018. He has three decades of experience in the arts, entertainment, and media.

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Councillor Helen Fathers

Councillor Fathers was a four (4) term Councillor and a White Rock resident for more than 30 years.

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Councillor Erika Johanson

Councillor Johanson was elected to office in 2018, and has been living in White Rock since 2007 after leaving Silicon Valley. The Councillor is an active volunteer in our beautiful seaside community.  

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Councillor Scott Kristjanson

Councillor Kristjanson has extensive experience in the telecom and big data sectors with over 30 years of practice. Councillor Kristjanson is an active community member and volunteer and was elected as a White Rock City Councillor in 2018.

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Councillor Anthony Manning

Councillor Manning has three decades of experience with commercial airlines spending most of that time ensuring safety and regulatory compliance. He was elected as a White Rock City Councillor in 2018.

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Councillor Christopher Trevelyan

Councillor Trevelyan has lived in White Rock for 25 years and is a teacher at Earl Marriott Secondary School. He was elected to White Rock City Council in 2018.

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