Corporate Report Index

Corporate Reports detail the reasoning and recommendations that are carefully considered by Council and Council Minutes describe the decisions that were made by Council.

Review Corporate Reports

To view Corporate Reports, please select the meeting type (Regular, Governance and Legislation etc.) below:

You can search the report/topic of interest and click to take you to the relative agenda package. 

How does it work?

  • Select the meeting type you would like to search
  • Scroll through the list or conduct a "keyword" search by:
    • Press "Ctrl + F" key, type your "keyword" in the search bar (eg: beach)
  • Click on the dateyour item of interest was scheduled, and it will take you to the corresponding agenda
    • In the agenda, click the title and it will take/link you to the corporate report 

This list will be updated the week following the meeting (eg: January 28 meeting, the list will be updated by February 1). 


If you have any questions, contact Corporate Administration by phone 604-541-2278 or email