Seniors Advisory Committee


  • 1st Tuesday of each month (or as scheduled) at 4:00 p.m.
  • White Rock City Hall - 15322 Buena Vista Ave

* For a full list of 2019 Committee dates please see the 2019 Committee Meeting Calendar on the main Boards & Committees Page

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and minutes for the Seniors Advisory Committee are available in the agenda's center.


  • Councillor Erika Johanson, Council Representative (non-voting) 
  • Councillor Anthony Manning, Council Alternate (non-voting) 
  • Beth Kish, Chairperson
  • Joe Ahmad, Vice-Chairperson 
  • Michelle Barbone, Community Member 
  • Edwin Harrington, Community Member 
  • Ross Hynes, Community Member
  • Ramona Kaptyn, Community Member
  • Heather Martin/ Andrea Mccorkell, Community Member
  • Kathy McIntyre, Community Member
  • Mia Pedersen, Community Member
  • Pat Petrala, Community Member
  • George Scott, Community Member

*All members of the Seniors Advisory Committee have been appointed with a term ending December 31, 2020.


The Mandate of the Seniors Advisory Committee will be to consider and evaluate issues referred to it from City Council.  It will also initiate research on matters deemed to be of concern to local seniors and will submit recommendations to Council.  

The Seniors Advisory Committee will act as a resource and provide advice to Council on both short and long-term planning issues for present and future White Rock seniors.  The Committee would also act as a recourse for receiving input on seniors concerns, interest and views, and making recommendations to the appropriate agencies.

Terms of Reference

To review the Terms of Reference, please see Council Policy 158.