Food Carts on the Promenade

The food cart program is currently under review for 2023. 

The City of White Rock has a Food and Beverage Cart program in designated areas along the White Rock Promenade.

Vendors will be limited to carts only, no motorized vehicles, and will be limited to food and beverage vendors; no novelty items. Vendors will be limited to existing business license holders in the White Rock Business Areas and/or food cart operators that are affiliated with established White Rock based businesses. The intention is to permit White Rock businesses to supplement their current business, not create additional competition for existing restaurants.

There are five (5) designated food cart locations along the White Rock Promenade. Interested vendors are required to submit an “Expression of Interest” which includes their proposal, their preferred location (choice #1, #2, #3 #4 or #5) and hours of operation including time-of day for set-up and end-of-day.

If you have questions about the Food Cart program please email