2019 Official Community Plan Review

2019 Official Community Plan Review - Marine Drive, Memorial Park

Over the next two years (2019-2020), the City will be working with the public to get feedback and make sure the community's aspirations and concerns are understood and shared with Council before they make decisions on changing the Official Community Plan.

Council has directed that aspects of the Official Community Plan ("OCP") be reviewed to receive further public input, including policies related to:

  • Strengthening Transit
  • Greening the City (on new green space and tree planting)
  • Improving Housing Affordability
  • Expanding Peace Arch Hospital
  • Monitoring OCP Goals to Measure Success and Track Implementation
  • Enhancing the Waterfront
  • Reviewing Town Centre (Height, Density, and Public Space / Green Spaces)
  • Reviewing Building Heights outside of the Town Centre

Our Official Community Plan (OCP) is the city's blueprint for managing change to achieve our shared goals. It contains policies that guide Council's 'land-use' decisions for where and how we grow in the future, helping to conserve what we love about the city as well as improve the quality of life for current and future residents.

We want to connect with you and hear your thoughts - visit www.talkwhiterock.ca to see how you can have input in the review process through public events and surveys. We look forward to working with you to shape the future of White Rock!

Phase One - Public Engagement Summary:

The Official Community Plan Review involves 3 key phases:

Official Community Plan - Phase 2

Our Promise to the Public:

Official Community Plan - Public Input

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a City bylaw that defines policies for the way land is to be used and developed in a City, over a 20-30 year timeframe. Aside from providing policy direction on development, the OCP addresses other matters important to a City such as economic development, transportation, housing, environmental protection, and infrastructure, in order to guide decisions in a way that helps achieve the community’s long-term vision. 

What is the difference between the Official Community Plan and the Zoning Bylaw?

The zoning bylaw is a regulatory tool that is very specific about the way land is used, how much floor space is allowed (density), building siting (where it's located on a lot), building height, and other issues such as landscaping and lot coverage requirements as they relate to a lot or site. The zoning bylaw regulates what a property owner can legally do with their land. The OCP is more strategic and often less prescriptive about specific sites and is the guiding document for general land uses. The OCP is the overriding land use direction for future zoning.

The City just adopted a new OCP in 2017. Why is the City reviewing the OCP so soon?

The City’s policies, plans and regulations need to be in alignment with the OCP. The OCP Review seeks to ensure that this important policy document is in alignment with the values, priorities, and aspirations of the community.

An Official Community Plan (OCP) Review involves significant public involvement from the beginning to the end so that its goals and policies reflect community concerns and hopes for the future. During an OCP update, the review involves broad input from residents, elected officials, staff, and stakeholders.

What issues and topics are part of the OCP review?    
  • Waterfront Enhancement Strategy (design/character guidelines for the waterfront);
  • ‘Greening the City’ (strengthening policies regarding greenspace);
  • Town Centre Review (including height, density and green/public open space);
  • City-wide building height review (heights outside of the Town Centre);
  • Updating affordable housing policies;
  • Strengthening transit policies;
  • Strengthening policies regarding the Peace Arch Hospital expansion; and
  • Developing an OCP scorecard to measure success and track OCP implementation.
Who uses an Official Community Plan (OCP)?

Local governments (City Council and City Staff), developers, and professionals such as architects, engineers, and planners use the OCP to understand, for example, what the community wants as it relates to providing housing options, transportation services, infrastructure, and community amenities. The OCP is used as a land use guide, such as when Council makes decisions about property rezonings (i.e. changing use, density, or height). They also use the OCP to better understand which areas of the City are suitable for development and which areas are not.  

You can use the OCP to get a better understanding of our local issues and how we are planning to address them or what changes may happen in your neighbourhood.

 What happens to development applications during an OCP Review?

Applications to develop property such as a zoning amendment (rezoning) or Major Development Permit can still be submitted and brought forward for Council’s consideration under the existing OCP. Council may move the application forward, decline it, or request that the application be held until the OCP is complete or a later stage of the OCP Review.