Housing Advisory Committee


The White Rock Housing Advisory Committee provides input to Council regarding local-level policies, programs, and incentives that may be used to support a range of housing options and affordability levels in the City.

The Housing Advisory Committee term runs from July, 2021 to October 31, 2022.

Advisory Body Resources


Council Representative (non-voting):

  • Councillor Manning, Chairperson
  • Councillor Fathers, Vice - Chairperson

Committee Members (voting):

  • Stephen Crozier, Community Member
  • Greg Duly, Community Member
  • Brian Hagerman, Community Member
  • Chris Harris, Community Member
  • Abhishek Mamgain, Community Member
  • Gary Quinn, Community Member
  • Marine Sabine, Community Member

Community-Based Organization Representatives (non-voting):

  • TBD