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eApply for a Dog Licence

Dog licensing in White Rock is primarily used for insuring dog identification and proof of ownership. Should your dog ever get lost or stolen, the license on your dog’s collar is the fastest way to contact you. A license will save you unnecessary impound and/or boarding fees.

Dog licensing also allows our municipality to provide more services such as dog parks and other programs and allows for the gathering of statistical data.

What kind of dog should be registered?

All dogs over the age of four months residing in White Rock must have a valid dog licence. Application forms for new dog licences are available on-line or at the front counter upstairs at Reception in City Hall. Dog licence renewal payments can be made through online payment, in-person, or by mail.

To register your dog for the first time, you will need the following information:

  • Your dog's name, breed, colour, photograph, and sex
  • If your dog is spayed or neutered, you will need to have your Spay/Neuter Certificate from your veterinarian ready to attach to receive the reduced rate 

Dog Licence Fees:

Dog licence fees are available under Schedule "A" - Dog License Fees of Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw, 2012, Number 1959 (PDF). This includes yearly renewals.

Proof of spay/neuter status must be provided to the City of White Rock to receive the reduced fee.

A summary of these fees is provided below:

Aggressive Dog$200
Altered Dog (each)$25
Licence Tag Replacement$10
Licence Transfer$10
Nuisance Dog$100
Unaltered Dog (each)$40

If your dog be picked up by our Animal Control Officer, every effort will be made to contact the owner prior to impounding. Once the dog is impounded the owner could be assessed the following charges:

  • Dog at large fine - $100
  • Dog unlicensed fine - $50
  • Impound fees - $80 (no licence) or $60 (with a licence)
  • Kennel impound - Separate fees (Contracted out)

How will you receive your tag?

  • Dog tags will be mailed out if registering your dog online. Or they can be picked up in person at City Hall.
  • Dog licences are valid from the first of January to the last day in December in the year in which it is issued. Dog licence renewal forms are mailed in December to owners for dogs on record and are due and payable on January 1st.

Ways to register:

You can also come into Reception in City Hall at 15322 Buena Vista Avenue. Dog licence renewal payments can be made through online payment, in-person, or by mail.

Applications for the following dogs must be completed in person:

  • BC Guide and Service Dog
  • Police Dog
  • Dog deemed guard, aggressive, vicious or dangerous

I no longer have my dog / I've moved out of the City. What should I do?

If your dog is no longer living in the City of White Rock or if you have any other questions, please contact OR at 604-541-2139.