White Rock Reg FAQ

Have a question about our new online registration system, WhiteRockReg? Find it in the FAQ’s listed below. You can also call us during regular business hours at 604-541-2199.

  1. Why have we changed the system used for registration of recreation programs?

    The system previously used is no longer available by the vendor. The new system was chosen after an extensive search and proven results with other municipalities.

  2. What are the benefits of the new system?

    The new registration system will have features that will make it easier and quicker to register online for the programs you love.

    This includes:
    - Easy sign in.
    - Search for an activity by keyword, age, day, time or location.
    - View class availability and book online.
    - Calendar view for your entire family’s schedule.

  3. Is the new registration system mobile friendly?

    Yes, you will be able to register online from any computer, phone or tablet, any time of day.

  4. Why do you no longer offer early registration or annual memberships?

    While the new system has many benefits, the new system does not support early registration.

  5. What will happen to my existing membership passes?

    Memberships will be automatically transferred over to the new system.

  6. Will my old membership card work?


  7. Do I have the same membership number?


  8.  What does the Kent Street Activity Centre Membership include?

    The Kent Street Activity Centre membership is available for those who wish to participate in the 17 Kent Street activity groups. Kent Street Activity Centre members will have access to the centre’s special events and will get a discount on excursions.

  9. Do I have to set up an account in the new registration system?

    If you are a new customer, you will need to create a new account. If your account was previously active and you have a birth date and email address on your account, you will automatically be transferred to the new registration system. Please call customer service with any questions.