2020 FOI Requests

Incoming Freedom of Information (FOI) requests will be noted and tracked on the table below. The table will be revised as updates become available. If you have questions, please contact the FOI Department at 604 541 2104.

File # Topic
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Date Received Statutory
Response Date
or N/A
Status Response Date
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2020-01 Council Expenses 2020-01-02 2020-02-13 N/A CL 2020-01-20  
2020-02 Building Permit Records 2020-01-06 2020-02-18 N/A IP    
2020-03 Building Permit Records 2020-01-29 2020-03-12 N/A IP    
2020-04 Bylaw Enforcement Records 2020-01-21 2020-03-04 N/A IP    
  • File #: FOI requests are assigned a file number for reference purposes.
  • Topic: A general summary of the request.
  • Date Received: The date that staff obtained the request.
  • Statutory Response Date: 30 business days from the date received.
  • Extension: Extensions may be made under Section 10, Section 23, or Section 75 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Extensions may also be granted by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC).
  • Status: The status of a file will be noted as In Progress (IP), Closed (CL), Withdrawn (W) or Under OIPC Review (OIPC).
  • Response Date: The date the City responded to the Requestor and a link to the response letter, subject to any redaction.
  • Comments: If further explanation regarding the status of a file is required, the comments will be noted in this column.