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Ruth Johnson Park & Coldicutt Ravine 

Ruth Johnson Park experienced significant damage to its slopes, walkways, and trees as the result of heavy rainfall in January 2020, and Coldicutt Ravine was closed on Jan. 31 as the result of slope failure. 

Storm damage repairs have since been completed at Ruth Johnson Park; Coldicutt Ravine remains closed to public access due to stability issues and Transport Canada regulations. 

Please remember it is dangerous to enter Coldicutt Ravine at this time, and visitors are asked to obey park & trail closures and not to tamper with closure signs.

Video Footage

View aerial footage of the significant damage to the slope, walkways and trees at Ruth Johnson Park and Coldicutt Ravine.

Photo Gallery

Ruth Johnson Park and Coldicutt Ravine stair damage

Ruth Johnson Park, east side

Ruth Johnson Park and Coldicutt Ravine path

Ruth Johnson Park, west side

Coldicutt Ravine slope

Coldicutt Ravine