Marine Drive Temporary Lane Closure: Help for White Rock Restaurants

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The City of White Rock has temporarily closed one lane of traffic on Marine Drive starting June 7 to extend patio space for restaurants, helping them during the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision was made by City Council at a meeting on May 10, 2021.

Eastbound travel is permitted on Marine Drive from Vidal Street to Maple Street. Westbound traffic is closed between Maple Street and Vidal Street. Vehicles can detour via Maple Street to Victoria Avenue and Columbia Avenue or via Stayte Road and more northerly east/west streets. The westbound lane on Marine Drive will have traffic barriers separating pedestrians and diners from motorists.

The safety of diners and pedestrians is a top priority, as is access to parking for Marine Drive residents.  

For questions about the closure, please see the questions and answers below or email  

How to Apply

The Council motion is aimed at supporting the businesses on Marine Drive. Please see the:

Map of White Rock with access points

Map of White Rock with waterfront parking markers

Council Decisions

Media Release

Preliminary Maps

On Table Item 6.2.a - Marine Drive MAP
On Table Item 6.2.a - Marine Drive West Bound Lane Closure

Questions and Answers

1.    Why has the City temporarily closed Marine Drive?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of White Rock has continued to provide essential services and has worked with all levels of government to provide residents and businesses with the best possible support.

The pandemic has created challenging times and is affecting the businesses at White Rock’s Waterfront particularly hard.   

To help the struggling restaurants stay open, the City of White Rock has temporarily closed one lane of Marine Drive this season to extend patio space for restaurants.

2.    Which lane is temporarily closed on Marine Drive?

The temporary closure allows eastbound travel only using the south lane on Marine Drive. 

3.    How will the City ensure public safety?

The safety of diners, pedestrians and motorists is a top priority in the plan for the temporary lane closure.

4.    When does the temporary lane closure take place?

The temporary lane closure on Marine Drive began on June 7 and is expected to finish when the Province allows full indoor seating capacity for restaurants.

5.    How are local residents be informed?

The City of White Rock is connecting directly with residents who are affected by the closure, including Marine Drive residents. The City will use media relations, the City’s website, advertising and social media to provide updates and information.

6.    What happens to resident permit parking on Marine Drive?

The City’s team developed a traffic plan that will ensures residents who live on Marine Drive can access street parking.

7.    How much will the temporary lane closure cost? How is it being paid for? 

The temporary lane closure is expected to cost $50,000 to install and to have a rental cost of about $40,000 a month. This will be paid for from the money received by the City through the COVID‐19 Safe Restart Grant for Local Governments. 

8.    What will happen with the bus routes that use Marine Drive? 

TransLink will work with the City to determine the best temporary route for each route that uses Marine Drive. 

9.    Will delivery trucks and garbage collection vehicles still operate on Marine Drive?

Arrangements have been made for delivery trucks and garbage collection vehicles to make their deliveries and pickups.

These maps are provided by the White Rock BIA.

East Beach Deliveries

West Beach Deliveries

10.    How will White Rock Fire Rescue respond to emergencies on Marine Drive during the temporary closure?

White Rock Fire Rescue has planned its operational response for the closed portion of Marine Drive on a block-by-block basis.

The response will focus on staging fire apparatus to allow for some traffic flow by using all the available space. The White Rock RCMP will assist with full road closures for all structure fire and alarm calls as considered necessary by the Fire officer in charge.

11.  Is smoking permitted in the on-street, temporary patio area?

 Smoking is not permitted. It is prohibited in a customer service area as indicated in Bylaw #1858, the City of White Rock Public Health Smoking Protection Bylaw.