White Rock Arts Festival - Culture Crawl

White Rock Arts Festival, illustration of White Rock

October 14 & 15, 2023

The White Rock Arts Festival - Cultural Crawl celebrates our Creative City by the Sea by participating in arts, cultural and heritage programming across the City. Over two days, enjoy art and historical exhibits, music, tours, theatre, and enrich yourself in White Rock’s culture. 

Cultural Creators and Connectors

Find out how you can be part of the White Rock Arts Festival - Cultural Crawl


  • Located/active in White Rock or the Peninsula
  • Offer activities that promote culture
  • If you are a local business, feature original content of local artists and/or feature a performance or exhibition that weekend of a local artist.
  • Have a venue to offer these activities in
  • Have the capacity to be open for your program

How to participate

To take part in the Culture Crawl partner sites need to:

  • Complete an online application form opening in July 2023
  • Offer cultural programming opportunity that enhances the visitor experience on the Peninsula and connects them to local culture
  • Provide visitation statistics and general feedback after the event

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I register my organization/business to be a participating site?
Kindly refer to the eligibility requirements above.

Q. If I fill out an application am I automatically approved?
Your application will be reviewed before it is approved. The Culture Crawl team will be in touch with you.

Q. My organization doesn’t have a location to participate in-person and host the visitors.
Partner participants and sites are responsible for securing their own venue. If you or your organization does not have a permanent site, there may be other registered partner sites who may be able to host your organization during the event. Please contact event organizers at culture@whiterockcity.ca for more information.

Q. Does it cost anything to participate?
No, it is free to register and participate.

Q. What sort of activities should partner sites offer during the event?
Partner participants and sites offer a range of activities based on the nature of their organization and capacity to host visitors. Activities can include, but are not limited to, backstage tours, Q&A sessions, musical performances, exhibitions, short video screenings and cultural demonstrations, etc. If you would like to brainstorm with our team about programming ideas, please email us at culture@whiterockcity.ca

Q. Do you provide volunteers to assist the partner sites during the event?
Partner sites are responsible for providing their own staff and volunteers. Event volunteers, organized by Culture Crawl team, will be stationed at key locations around the city to assist with wayfinding and provide general event information.  

Q. If I register my organization as a partner site, what information do I need to provide at the time of the registration?
Partner sites and participants will need to fill out an application. In anticipation of approval the main contact person will need to provide a publishable photograph and submit a short promotional sentence or two outlining the program and what visitors will experience.