Voting Assistance

A voter can request assistance in the following situations:

  • If a voter has difficulty reading or writing English, they may bring a translator to assist them in the voting process. The translator must complete a solemn declaration of assistance in order to provide translation support.
  • If you are unable to enter the voting place, you may ask to receive and mark your ballot at a place located outside the voting place (curbside voting). It will be necessary for you to bring someone with you who can advise the election officials that you need help outside the voting place.
  • If you require help with voting, you may ask the Presiding Election Official in charge at the voting place to assist you. You may also bring someone with you to the voting place to help you vote. This person must make a solemn declaration to preserve the secrecy of your ballot, to mark the ballot according to your wishes, and to not attempt to influence how you vote.

More Information

Further information may be obtained from the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.