The City of White Rock's Administration Department is comprised of Administration and the City Clerk's Office.

Administration is responsible for the supervision of management and operation of the departments of the City, for the implementation of Council directives, policy and for the principal intermediary role between the City and the administration of other governments and all other entities dealing with the Municipality. In addition, Administration ensures the structure and operation of the City is efficient and effective and oversees the City's communication function.

The Clerk's Office is responsible for the preparation of agendas and minutes for Council and committee meetings; maintenance and access to corporate records, including bylaws; administrative support to Council and its Committees. The Clerk's Office also manages Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requests, and carries out the coordination and execution of local government and school district elections.

Mission and Values Statement for the Corporation of the City of White Rock


White Rock will provide for all its citizens a high quality of life where:

  • Our high quality environment is protected and nurtured for current and future generations
  • The community feels safe, secure and friendly
  • Opportunities exist for our businesses to prosper
  • Arts and culture flourish and our heritage is celebrated
  • Municipal boundaries are less important than a strong sense of pride in and connectedness to our community
  • We all can live, work and play in an enjoyable atmosphere


White Rock will provide for all its citizens a high quality of life where:

  • Building community excellence through effective stewardship of all community resources

Corporate Values

  • Excellence – always striving for improvement
  • Respect – building trust and respect within our sphere of influence
  • Integrity – honestly striving for equity and fairness in all that we do
  • Responsibility – always mindful of our responsibility to current and future generations and our environment
  • Accountability – taking seriously the stewardship role our electors have bestowed on us, and communicating why we are doing what we are doing so that transparency of decision making is maximized
  • Value – adopting innovative approaches to service delivery that assure the most value (return) for the least (investment) net cost to taxpayers (note: this is not the same as always picking the least expensive approach)
  • Community Participation in Government – maximize inclusivity and involvement in public decision making