Election Staff

2018 Election Staff:

Local Government Election Day is October 20, 2018.

If you are interested in working the election, please complete the 2018 Staff Election Application, and submit your completed form, along with any attachments, taking the following steps:

  • Address your application wtih attention to: Director of Corporate Administration
  • Submit your completed application by:

The Chief Election Officer will begin making contact with potential staff during the summer (July/August/Early September). 

There will be a training session that will be mandatory for all election staff to attend, this will be conducted the later part of September (dates to be determined).     

Note:  A member of the election staff cannot be involved in any candidate campaign. Each staff member must swear a solemn declaration stating they are not involved in any capacity with any of the candidates (i.e. nominator, agent, relative, supporter etc.)