2012 By-Election

City of White Rock Votes, November 3, 2012


Declaration of Official Election Results - Download

2012 By-Election Determination of Official Results - Download

Campaign Financing Disclosure Statements:

Note: within 120 days after general voting day for an election, the financial agent of each person who was declared to be a candidate under Section 74 of the Local Government Act must file with the designated Local Government Officer a disclosure statement in accordance with the Local Government Act. LGA Sec. 90(1)(a)-(c). In accordance with Section 93(3) a person who inspects or otherwise accesses a Financial Disclosure Statement(s) must not use the information included in the documents except for the purposes of the Local Government Act. 


Dave Chesney

Megan Knight Scott Kristjanson Bill Lawrence Bruce McWilliam
Grant O'Kane Pat Petrala Tom Willman Graham Wood