Smoking Bylaw

The City of White Rock's Public Health Smoking Protection Bylaw [PDF - 271 KB] prohibits smoking in a number of areas including:

Within seven and a half metres of an entryway, openable window or air intake of a building, exclusive of private dwellings or enclosed premises that are not open to the public

In or within seven and a half metres of a customer service area (including a patio that is connected to a business that serves food or alcohol)

In any outdoor gathering place under the jurisdiction of the City of White Rock including parks, sports fields, playgrounds, the promenade, the pier and the beach.


Under the bylaw, businesses and institution operators are required to post appropriate signage in clear and visible locations. See Section 2.3 of the Bylaw [PDF - 271 KB] to review these requirements in more detail.

Although public education will help promote compliance with these new regulations, the use of municipal tickets will also be used.

Please note that anyone smoking in areas where smoking is prohibited may be ticketed. In addition, business owners/operators may also be fined for contravening the bylaw and allowing unlawful smoking in or near their premises.


For your convenience, approved signage templates are available for download below.

Customer Service Area

Combined Sign

Doorways, Windows, Air Intakes

Smoke-Free Environment

In addition, entryway decals are also available for purchase at any City facility including City Hall. The cost of these decals is $10.50 (plus taxes).