Imagine White Rock 2045 - Official Community Plan Update








Congratulations, everyone!

The new Official Community Plan (OCP) for the City of White Rock is now complete. Bringing together nearly two years of background research, analysis, planning and design, and broad community engagement with residents and stakeholder groups, the updated OCP provides a renewed vision for White Rock, along with the regulatory framework required to guide growth toward that vision.

The OCP contains policies on housing, parks & open space, arts & culture, growth management, infrastructure, transportation, economic development, and the environment. A land use map indicates the future land uses and development potential of properties within the city. Policies and mapping, together with tools and actions for implementation, will help to shape the future growth of White Rock.

You can find a copy of White Rock Official Community Plan, 2017, No. 2220 on the sidebar to the right. Just click "New OCP" to take a look!

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Thank you for participating in the OCP Review

You can find a list of various public engagement sessions held over the last two years along with event materials and reports here.