The IMAGINE WHITE ROCK 2045 Official Community Plan review has been undertaken over the past two years, starting in April 2015. The review process included the following four phases:



Phase 1

Process Launch & Background Data Collection: This phase was dedicated to creating awareness in the community around the Official Community Plan (OCP) Review process and associated Community Engagement Program. Phase 1 included the gathering and synthesis of relevant background material and studies to assist with key analyses and decision-making throughout the process. 

Primary deliverables: Visioning Fair and Visioning Survey summary reports prepared by CitySpaces consultants; progress reports to Council prepared by City staff.

Defining the Big Picture: This phase was built on the results of the Visioning Survey and Visioning Fair and focused on the development of Guiding Principles and Vision and Goal Statements for the new OCP. These foundational components of the Plan influenced the structure of the OCP and resulted in several new and updated OCP policies.

Primary deliverables: OCP Guiding Principles and Vision & Goal Statements; Vision & Goals survey summary report; progress report to Council prepared by City staff.
Phase 3

Building The Plan: The third phase was the "nuts and bolts" phase of building the Plan, including an updated land use plan that will guide the next phases of the City's development. In this phase, the OCP structure, key content areas, and associated draft policies were shaped.

Primary deliverables: Mid-process report prepared by consultant; progress report to Council prepared by City staff.

Preparation of the Plan & Adoption: This phase included the drafting of the Official Community Plan text and maps, public and stakeholder consultation to solicit feedback on the draft document, and subsequent revisions. Once the draft document was refined, the final statutory approval process was initiated.

Primary deliverables: Preliminary and final drafts of the Official Community Plan and associated schedules; Draft OCP Engagement Summary Report; progress report to Council prepared by City staff.