Urban Forest Management Plan Forum June 24, 2015

The public forum held on June 24 started with a presentation from Diamond Head Consulting that explained the meaning of the term ‘urban forest’, why urban forests are important, and described the potential benefits of adopting an Urban Forest Management Plan. The presentation also addressed the current state of the urban forest In White Rock, and provided a summary of the results from the White Rock Urban Forest Survey. View the presentation slides and get more details.

Following the presentation, several stations were set up to address different aspects of the Plan, including the overall vision for the Plan, objectives of the Plan, characteristics of planting in different areas of the City, and view-related issues. Participants were given the opportunity to discuss the issues and provide feedback at each of these stations. View the posters from the stations.

Please send any feedback you may have on the material presented at the public forum to Chris McBeath at cmcbeath@whiterockcity.ca.

The City of White Rock will use feedback from residents in developing an Urban Forest Management Plan. An urban forest includes all of a community's trees, shrubs, herbaceous low-growing perennial vegetation and soil and is found on both public and private lands including parks and boulevards. The plan will provide direction for the future maintenance of the urban forest, including targets for canopy cover growth, locations and species for new tree planting, tree health and maintenance, tree protection, and budgeting.