Waterfront Parkade

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Waterfront Parkade – Summary

The City is committed to supporting business in White Rock by creating opportunities through capital investment projects that make it easier for businesses to attract customers, to draw in new and regular visitors alike, and to accommodate long-time residents to enjoy our City by the Sea.

White Rock is first, and foremost, a resort community – and its Waterfront is the City's crown jewel. During peak times of use, there is limited parking available along the City’s waterfront. As this is a top concern raised by local businesses, tourists, and residents, the City is building a four-level parking structure at Victoria and Vidal Street to provide a variety of vehicular and bicycle parking options near the heart of White Rock’s West Beach community.

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Waterfront Parkade – Background and Community Consultation

The City’s Engineering and Municipal Operations Department initiated the formal planning process in late 2016 by making application to the Planning and Development Services Department.  Their proposal involved an application for an Official Community Plan amendment, a zoning amendment, and a development variance permit to request permission to proceed with the construction of a multi-level parking garage located at the northeast corner of Victoria Avenue and Vidal Street.

All associated land use bylaw amendments and land use permits (e.g. the development variance permit) received final approval on September 18, 2017.

As part of these applications, public consultation and feedback was received by various means - including feedback received at the required Public Information Meeting, the required Public Hearing, and through correspondence received by the City Clerks' Office and the Planning and Development Services Department. These opportunities are described further below.

  • Waterfront Parkade - Public Information Meeting

A City-hosted Public Information Meeting was held on July 13, 2017, at the Centre of Active Living to provide residents, business owners, and visitors with an early opportunity to provide feedback on the proposal. The City also advertised this Public Information Meeting in the Peace Arch News on the following dates:

Prior to the Public Information Meeting, details on the proposed parkade were provided through the following information report, which was presented before the Land Use and Planning Committee on July 10, 2017. This report provided an informational summary on the proposed parkade, the technical processes related to the proposal, and the anticipated timeline of the project.

As part of the City's community outreach process, presentation materials present at the Public Information Meeting were made available to the public prior to the meeting on this webpage. These event materials in their original form can be viewed below:


  • Waterfront Parkade - Public Hearing

Pursuant to the formal planning process, a detailed corporate report was presented before the City's Land Use and Planning Committee and City Council on July 24, 2017.  Beyond providing a full review and assessment of the proposed parking garage, the report also considered public feedback, the City's corporate priorities, future waterfront programming, and local business enhancement and tourism opportunities. The contents of this corporate report is available at the following link.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Planning Procedures Bylaw, a joint Public Hearing/Meeting was held on September 11, 2017 to provide the community with a second formal opportunity to provide Council with feedback on the proposed project. The full Public Hearing Agenda package, along with the approved minutes of the Hearing, as provided below.

Waterfront Parkade - Reports and Resources

For those interested in the history of the project, staff have compiled the following corporate reports and resources for review:

Waterfront Parkade - Questions?

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When is construction expected to begin?

Construction is expected to start in late February 2018. 

Who can I contact for more information?

Do you have any questions about the proposed parking garage? Feel free to contact the Planning and Development Services Department at planning@whiterockcity.ca or the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at operations@whiterockcity.ca.