The environment is one of our most precious resources. The City of White Rock is committed to protecting and preserving it. In this section you'll find a wealth of information on how the City effectively manages all of the White Rock's natural resources.

Integrated Storm Water Management Plan (ISMP)

The goal of the ISMP is to create a long-term strategy for effectively managing storm water in White Rock and reducing the threat of flooding and erosion.

You can learn more about the ISMP by downloading our ISMP Backgrounder [PDF - 485 KB].

To view the ISMP, adopted by Council on July 26, 2010 click here [PDF - 102.5 MB].

For more information about the Integrated Storm water Management Plan, contact Engineering and Municipal Operations, City of White Rock at 604.541.2181.

Community Climate Action Plan

The City of White Rock has developed a Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) [PDF - 1.7 MB] to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout the community.

This plan helps the City to address provincial legislative requirements, and supports their voluntary commitment to the BC Climate Action Charter and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program. Further, it addresses Objective #9 in the City of White Rock's Environmental Strategic Plan (promote energy efficiency and GHG reduction in the community), and is consistent with the vision and goals of the City of White Rock Official Community Plan (OCP).

Cosmetic Pesticide Use Bylaw

If you're still reaching for the pesticide container to rid your yard of pests, you might want to think twice.

Part of caring for your lawns and gardens is accepting that each year will bring its own unique conditions along with weeds and insects. When we rely on the cosmetic use of pesticides around our homes and gardens, there can be a significant unintentional impact on human health, animals, plants and the environment.

The City of White Rock has a Cosmetic Pesticide Use Bylaw [PDF - 40 KB] that prohibits the use of pesticides to maintain outdoor trees, shrubs, flowers, other ornamental plants and turf (lawns) on residential and public land.

Environmental Strategic Plan

This plan was developed in 2008 with contributions from Council, staff, various stakeholders and the public, and with guidance from the Environment Committee of Council. It provides a framework and detailed implementation plan linking broad environmental objectives with ongoing City operations, services and policy and provides leadership for the community on environmental sustainability.

Environmental Strategic Plan [PDF - 1.1 MB]

Waste Reduction

Don't toss those veggie peels! Reduce your household waste and help the environment by composting at home or through the Green Can program.

Items that are not suitable for backyard composting, such as meat, bones and cooked food, can be included in the Green Can program.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program

As a participant in the program, the City of White Rock must publicly report on their plan and progress toward meeting their climate action goals, including progress toward carbon neutrality.

2017 City of White Rock CARIP Survey

2017 BC Traditional Services GHG Inventory Report

2016 City of White Rock CARIP Survey

2016 BC Traditional Services GHG Inventory Report 

2015 City of White Rock CARIP Survey

2015 BC Traditional Services GHG Inventory Report