Home Owner Grants

The Provincial Home Owner Grant (HOG) program helps reduce the amount of residential property taxes British Columbians pay. The grant is available each year to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who live in BC. You must apply for the grant every year if you are eligible.

For more specific information, please scroll or click on the following titles to be directed to your area of interest:

Eligibility Requirements & Documents Needed - Basic and additional grant information

Supplement for Veterans Under 65 - Additional grant available for low-income Veterans

Home Owner Grant Thresholds - The phase-out threshold has increased in 2018

Low Income Grant Supplement for Seniors - For low income seniors whose prinicipal residence is above the HOG threshold

How to Apply for the Home Owner Grant - Save time, claim online

Co-op Multi Home Owner Grant - Check out the recent amendments before getting started

Retroactive Home Owner Grant - It's not too late to apply for last year, if eligible

Applications must be received at City Hall by the tax due date.  The amount of the Home Owner Grant is considered unpaid taxes and is subject to penalty if it is not claimed by the due date. 

Eligibility Requirements & Documents Needed

In order to be eligible for a Home Owner Grant, a property owner must meet ALL of the following qualifications. An owner together with his/her spouse qualifies for a grant on only one residence in the Province in any one calendar year. 

Qualification for Basic Grant

Required Action and Documentation

 You’re the registered owner of the residence

 You’re Canadian citizen or permanent resident

 You live in B.C.

 You occupy the residence as your principal residence

Application must be submitted each year - no additional documentation is required

To qualify for the additional grant you must also meet the criteria for the basic grant and ONE of the five categories listed below

Additional Grant Catergories

Required Action and Documentation

Senior:  65 or over during the current year

Each year include your birthdate on the grant application (no additional form needed)

Person receiving disability assistance:  Person with disabilities receiving assistance under the Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act  

If this is your first year applying, you will need to provide either of the two forms:


Consent for Release of Information Form (FIN 81) Completed and signed by you and your Ministry of Social Development representative


A copy of your Confirmation of Assistance Statement from the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (SDSI)


NOTE: CPP disability pension or WCB does not automatically qualify a person for this grant

Person with severe mental or physical disabilities or living with spouse or relative with disabilities:


Person incurring one of the following costs:


you are paying at least $150 per month for assistance with daily living activities in your principal residence


have spent at least $2,000 for qualifying modifications to your principal residence


you purchased your principal residence with qualifying modifications made by a previous owner that have a value of at least $2,000

If this is your first year applying, you will need to provide the following form:


Certificate of Health Professional and Property Owner (Form B) along with original receipts clearly showing   out-of-pocket expenses 

Veteran:  Surviving spouse of a veteran who received assistance under War Veteran Allowance Act (Canada) or Civilian War-Related Benefits Act


*See below for Veteran under 65 additional supplement requirements and forms

Confirmation letter from Veteran Affairs Canada showing you receive a War Veterans Allowance in the first year of application

Spouse or relative of deceased owner
Under certain circumstances you may apply on behalf of the deceased owner

Proof of residency for the person claiming the grant, showing that they lived on the property at the time of death

A copy of the deceased owner’s death certificate

For more information on the Home Owner Grant program, please visit Provincial Home Owners Grant website

*Supplement for Veterans Under 65

If you are a Veteran under 65 and live in a low-income household you may also qualify for a supplement.

You must apply for the Home Owner Grant and the veterans supplement separately.

To apply for the veterans supplement, complete the Home Owner Grant Veterans Supplement Application (FIN 79) and submit it to the Home Owner Grant Administration with the required documentation, by December 31 of the current year. For more information, please visit the Home Owner Grant Administration.

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Home Owner Grant Threshold

The Home Owner Grant phase-out threshold has increased to $1,650,000 for the 2018 tax year.

  • The grant amount is reduced by $5 for every $1,000 your property value is over the threshold
  • The regular grant is eliminated on properties assessed at $1,764,000 or more
  • The additional grant is eliminated on properties assessed at $1,819,000 or more

Low Income Grant Supplement for Seniors

The low income grant supplement allows low income seniors to supplement their home owner grant if it’s been reduced or eliminated because of the high assessed value of their principal residence.

You must apply for the home owner grant and the low income grant supplement separately.

How to Apply for the Home Owner Grant 

Save time and claim online, from the date the Property Tax Notices are mailed until December 31 of the current year. You will need your folio number and access code shown on your Property Taxes.

If not applying online, complete the detachable grant application at the bottom of the Property Tax Notice and mail it or drop it off at City Hall. Applications will not be processed unless they are signed and completed in full. If paying at your financial institution, be aware that most financial institutions no longer accept Home Owner Grant applications.

Co-op or Multi Home Owner Grant

The Province recently amended the way Multi Home Owner Grant properties claim their grants. These changes are effective immediately.

Form A - Certificate of Eligible Occupants and Owner’s Certificate is no longer valid.

The following instructions are direct excerpts from the Provincial Home Owners Grant website:

How to submit:

  1. Collect the completed eligible occupant home owner grant applications from your eligible occupant(s)
  2. Complete the Multiple Home Owner Grant Online Application
  3. Print two copies of your completed Multiple Home Owner Grant Application
  4. Attach one copy of the Multiple Home Owner Grant Application to the completed eligible occupant home owner grant applications and send them to the office that issued your Property Taxes (The City of White Rock). Keep the other copy for your records.

If this is your first time applying on behalf of eligible occupants living in your building or on your land, you may be required to provide documentation, such as copies of shareholder documents and leases, to confirm your property qualifies for the multiple home owner grant.

If additional documentation is required to qualify for the multiple home owner grant, a City of White Rock staff member will contact you.

For further information about the Multi Home Owner Grant visit the Multiple Home Owner Grant page on the Provincial Government website or contact them directly at:

Tel: 1-888-355-2700
Fax: 1-250-356-8904
Email: hogadmin@gov.bc.ca 

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Retroactive Home Owner Grants

The Home Owner Grant may be available retroactively if you qualified last year and didn't apply. Please review the Home Owner Grant Eligibility Requirements to ensure you apply for the correct grant.

Retroactive Home Owner Grant applications must be submitted by December 31 of the year following the year to which the grant applies.

After the Home Owner Grant Administration office in Victoria approves your grant application, the following will occur:

  • If your Property Tax account is paid in full on the day the Retroactive Home Owner Grant application is finalized at the City’s Property Tax Division, the City will instruct the Home Owner Grant Office in Victoria to forward the refund directly to you
  • If your Property Tax account has an outstanding balance, the Home Owner Grant Office in Victoria will forward the funds directly to the City to be applied to the Property Tax account

Visit the Province's website for more information regarding the Retroactive Home Owners Grant or contact the Home Owner Grant Administration office at 1-888-355-2700.  All applications are subject to approval from the Home Owner Grant Administration Office in Victoria.

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