Important Dates


January 1

Interest charges apply on outstanding 2016 & 2015 taxes and levies.

July 3 City Hall closed.
July 4

Due date for current taxes & levies, as well as Home Owner Grant and Tax Deferment applications.


2017 taxes and other fees and charges remaining unpaid after the due date, including unclaimed Home Owner Grants, are subject to a 5% penalty and an additional 5% penalty after August 15. 


July 17 Deadline for 2017 Pre-Payment Plan applications.
August 1 First Pre-Payment Plan instalment for 2018 Property Taxes.
August 15

Additional 5% penalty applied to 2017 taxes and levies

unpaid after this date.

September 25

Tax Sale on properties with unpaid 2015 (delinquent)


December 25-January 1

City Hall closed.


January 1

Interest charges begin to apply to outstanding 2017 & 2016 taxes and levies. Arrears and Delinquent balances are subject to additional interest at a rate set by the Province.