Pre-Payment Plan

The City of White Rock has a Pre-Authorized Pre-Payment Plan for Property Taxes. As a property owner, you may sign up for monthly automatic deductions from your bank account. Highlights of the plan are: 

  • Ten monthly payments collected on the first of each month, from August through to the following May
  • There are no withdrawals in June and July
  • There is no fee for this service
  • Interest paid is set at prime less 3%
  • You can withdraw from the plan at any time
  • The amount of the monthly payment is based on an estimate of next year's taxes

Important Information about Pre-Payments

You must provide written notice 10 business days in advance of the next scheduled pre-payment in order to withdraw from the plan or change any banking information. Contact the Finance Department at 604-541-2280 or download the plan revision form.

When you receive your Property Tax Notices in June, it will show your current year's taxes, less the total of your pre-payments. You are still responsible for paying any unpaid tax, as well as applying for the Home Owner Grant (if eligible) by the due date.

Credit balances will automatically be applied to next year’s pre-payment plan. The new estimated pre-payment amount will then be printed on the bottom of your Property Tax Notice.