Frequently Asked Questions



How many garbage bags and/or containers can I put out for collection?

Each single family residence, eligible townhomes/multi-familty buildings with six units or less are allowed up to two 110 L sized containers collected curbside every other week. The City does not supply containers.

Where can I get garbage tags for my extra garbage?

Extra garbage stickers can be purchased for $5.00 at the following locations:

  • City Hall; 15322 Buena Vista Avenue
  • Kent Street Activity Centre; 1475 Kent Street
  • Centennial Arena; 14600 North Bluff Road
  • White Rock Community Centre; 15154 Russell Avenue
  • Engineering and Municipal Operations Department; 877 Keil Street

What is a Green Can?

A "Green Can" is any garbage type can up to 110L, weighing 50 lbs or less with a City supplied Green Can decal, used to collect food scraps and yard trimmings. The container colour does not have to be green.

Do I need a Green Can decal?

All Green Can containers must have a City supplied decal to identify the contents to the collection crews. Please make sure decal is facing out when placed curbside.

What time do I have to put my garbage, green waste or recycling out for collection?

Garbage, green waste and recycling items must be placed at curbside by 8:00 a.m. on collection day.

Should I line my kitchen catcher and bin?

You don't need to line your bin, but you can use a kraft-type paper bag or other paper liner if you wish. Newspaper, paper bags and paper towel are acceptable to use. Do not use plastic compostable/biodegradable plastic products as a liner as the composting facility does not accept them.

Why are food scraps no longer accepted in the garbage?

Metro Vancouver municipalities are required to reduce the amount of garbage going to the landfill by 70% and and food scraps make up about 40% to 50% of the garbage. Waste disposal costs are also significantly higher than recycling and composting.

I already compost. Why do I need to have a Green Can?

Not all items can go into backyard composters; such as meat, bones, dairy, cooked food and plate scrapings.

Is there a limit to the amount of food scraps and yard trimmings I can put in my Green Can?

When filled, your Green Can should not weigh more than 50 lbs. If you have more food scraps and yard trimmings, simply add another can clearly identified with a Green Can decal or kraft bag. Each property can place up to 10 cans and/or bags curbside. Collection is weekly.

Why does glass have to go in the Red bin?

The Province of British Columbia recently changed the Recycling Regulation, putting a greater amount of responsiblity for recycling printed paper and packaging materials on the producers of these materials. Due to this change in regulation, glass must now be placed into the red bin because of its tendency to break and contaminate other recyclables. Glass is still a recyclable product, but will not be accepted in your blue recycling bin.

What happens to all the food scraps that are recycled in the Green Can?

These recyclables are delivered to GFL Environmental Inc. for recycling into a nutrient-rich compost that our gardens and landscapers can use. Energy from the composting process is captured and used to produce bio-fuel. By taking waste and turning it into energy, we are managing our waste in sustainable ways.

Who is going to clean out the containers? Containers are the responsibility of the resident. If the food scraps are wrapped up in newspaper, or if a karft bag is used as a liner, this should not be a problem. Residents can easily rinse out the bins with a hose if there is liquid.
What about animals getting into my containers?

Food scraps were already in your garbage, now, they are just being put in a different container.


Tips to keeping pesky critters out of your garbage/ green can:

  • Freeze food before collection day to avoid odors
  • Wrap food in newspaper or paper bags
  • Use sturdy cans with secure lids
  • Keep cans in garage or shed during the week
  • Use bungee cord or weight on lid; must be removed for collection
  • Put cans out as close to collection time (8:00 a.m.) as possible
  • Keep cans clean by rinsing with soapy water, leaving soap residue may also mask food odors
  • Try sprinkling peppermint leaves or strong peppermint tea in or around cans to repel rats and mice
What bylaw includes solid waste collection?

The City has established Collection, Removal, Disposal and Recycling of Solid Waste Bylaw to provide for the collection, removal, disposal of recycling and solid waste to guide garbage and disposal practices and management. 

Is there a fee for City solid waste collection fees?

In 2015 the City incorporated a separate soild waste utility fee for solid waste collection to single family homes and eligible multi-family properties. A separate utility fee increases customer awareness of the cost of providing the service as the rate is transparent rather than embedded as part of the Municipal Tax Levy.