Multi-Family & Commercial

How to Find a Private Waste Hauler

The City does not provide solid waste collection services to multi-family and commercial locations. To help you decide which hauler best suits the needs of your building or business, it is recommended that you contact a minimum of three service providers, and ask for references.  When meeting with, or talking to the vendors, consider some, or all, of these questions.

  • Are you registered with RecycleBC? If so, do you get rebates from your recyclables?  Would these rebates be passed on to us?
  • Are educational materials and support provided for residents (like posters, pamphlets, presentations, or training sessions)?
  • What is the minimal length of contract?  If I go with a longer contract, will I get a better price?  Are there built in price increases, pre-scheduled at regular intervals?
  • What about containers:
  • Are they provided for each stream of solid waste? Do I have to use your containers, or can pre-existing containers be used?
  • Do you provide signage for containers, and the areas they are stored?
  • What is my container is damaged, or stolen?  Who is responsible for replacement?
  • If containers need to be stored on City property, in some cases, a structure to contain them will need to be constructed at the cost of the residence or business.  These structures will need to be approved by the City of White Rock’s Engineering and Operations Department; should they no longer be required, their complete removal will be at the sole cost of the residence or business. For more information, please contact the City of White Rock’s Engineering and Operation Department.
  • What renewal clauses are there? How much notice is needed to change services or haulers?  Will the contract automatically renew, and if so, will the terms remain the same?
  • If I want to end my contract before the expiration, what associated costs will there be?
  • What restrictions are there, or are there any fees associated with changing the:
    • Frequency of collection?
    • Storage container sizes and quantities?
    • Types of materials collected?
    • How much is the fee for:
  • Collection services: What does this include?  For example:
    • Type of service provided (ie: will you collect all three streams of solid waste?)
    • Frequency and flexibility of services? Will you assist in determining a recommended frequency?
    • Type and number of containers provided
    • Requesting an additional or unscheduled pickup?
  • How are the fees based?  Through a “tip fee” (the number of times the bins are emptied), or based on volume?  Does the hauler periodically report the amount of waste disposed and recycled?
  • You want to make sure that you are not paying to dump an empty container, or for accumulated rainwater or snow.
  • What happens when there is a contaminated load with unaccepted items? Does the driver collect it? Is there a penalty, and if so, how is it charged?

Ask specifics about food scraps collection services

  1. What type of storage containers (carts, dumpsters) are offered for food scraps?  Are they secure (are locks provided), pest-proof?
  2. What food scrap (and yard waste) items are accepted? Not accepted?
  3. How often are storage containers collected?
  4. Are containers periodically washed, or disinfected? If yes, how often and is this an additional cost?
  5. Is odour control provided for the containers?
  6. Are containers lined with compostable plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags, or paper bags?

Ask about additional services

  1. Does the service include or charge extra for:
  • Carry-out service (where the driver enters the building to carry out the storage containers for collection)?
  • Food scraps kitchen containers? If yes, are additional or replacement kitchen containers available?
  • Paper bag liners for kitchen containers?

The following is a list of some service providers.  It is also recommended to do an internet search, or yellow pages look up, for “Solid Waste Haulers” or “Solid Waste Service Providers”

Company Name


Phone Number


Sierra Waste Services

9746 198B Street

Langley, BC V1M 2X5


Emterra Environmental

6362 148 St,

Surrey, BC V3S 3C4


Smithrite Disposal Ltd

70 Golden Drive

Coquitlam, BC, V3K 6B5


Waste Management Corporation of Canada

2330 United Boulevard

Coquitlam, BC V3K 6S1

1-800-665-1898 604-520-7800  

Progressive Waste

#25 Fawcett Road

Coquitlam B.C. V3K 6V2




North West Waste Solutions

19500 - 56th Avenue
Surrey, BC V3S 6K4



Super Save Disposal Ltd

19395 Langley Bypass, Surrey, BC V3S 6K1



Remple Disposal

12863 116 Ave,

Surrey, BC V3R 2S5



Maple Leaf Disposal Ltd

20380 Langley Bypass

Langley, BC V3A 5E7



AJM Disposal

6108 134A St

Surrey, BC V3X 1L9



For more resources on multi-family organics and recycling, please visit Metro Vancouver's website and toolkit for apartments and condos

If you are unsure of how to dispose of or recycle unwanted items try:

There is no public drop off location in White Rock/South Surrey for garbage, recycling or green waste. Residents and businesses can bring their items for a fee to one of the following closest depots:

Surrey Transfer Station 9770-192 Street 604.681.5600
Delta Transfer Station 5400-72nd Street 604.873.7000
Aldergrove Transfer Station 1070-272nd Street 604.681.5600


Contact the depots directly for disposal rates, hours and acceptable items. For more information on disposal facilities, check out Metro Vancouver's website.

For more information contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604.541.2181 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. Please note calls after these hours are forwarded to the Emergency Dispatch Service.