My Water

The City of White Rock's water utility provides safe and clean drinking water to its residents. Your drinking water is obtained from the Sunnyside Uplands Aquifer and seven wells located throughout the City. The utility serves a population of approximately 20,000 people.

The quality of our drinking water is of the utmost importance to the City, which is why we conduct regular water testing, have partnered with RES'EAU WaterNET to conduct research to determine the best technologies for the removal of naturally occurring arsenic and manganese, hired in-house experts and consultants who have extensive experience enhancing a City’s water quality and applied for provincial and federal infrastructure grants not available to private companies.

To learn more about water in White Rock, explore these topics on our MyWater site:

  • Brochures included in Water Bills – The City of White Rock includes informative brochures that are enclosed in each water bill which provides updates on the City’s various water-related initiatives and activities. 

  • City Water Projects - Information on the capital projects related to water as part of the City’s Total Water Quality Management Project can be found here.

  • Conservation and Restrictions - Includes information on the City's water conservation efforts as well as water restrictions are available on this page. 

  • Event and Communication Materials - Contains presentation material from Water Quality Open Houses, community forums, and public information meetings.

  • Flushing Program – Provides the public information on the flushing program, including what residents should and should not do when flushing is taking place near their area. 

  • Historic Funding Announcement - The City of White Rock received nearly $12 million dollars in government grant funds to help improve the City’s water quality through the construction of treatment processes to remove naturally occurring arsenic and manganese. This project is set to be completed by March 2019. 

  • Locate your Water Services - White Rock's Online Mapping System (WROMS)

  • Rumours and Misperceptions Page - This page will address any inaccurate information circulating in the community and the media.
  • Water Quality - Monthly water quality test results for metals and microbiologicals can be found on this page.    

  • Water Research -  To ensure the City implements the right technology to reach its water quality goals and reduce the naturally occurring arsenic and manganese, the City of White Rock partnered with Res-eau WaterNET, which consists of scientists and researchers who are water quality experts, including a leading expert on manganese removal.  

  • Water System - Provides information on the City's water system, service application forms, cross connections, backflow prevention, and more. 

  • Utility Billing - Contains information about billing cycles, options and water rates. 

Latest Water News

November 16 - Water Main Flushing Program - Updated with current flushing maps

November 8 - White Rock moves Forward with Water Treatment Plant Following Study by World-Class Scientists

November 8 - Res'eau Water Report

November 6 - Water Quality - Updated - Our most recent update includes quarterly testing results

October 23 - City of White Rock and EPCOR Agree Upon Final Purchase Price for Water Utility, EPCOR to Reimburse White Rock $600,000

October 4 - Frequently Asked Questions - Updated

August 23 - City of White Rock Manager of Utilities, Elected “President-Elect” of the International Ozone Association

June 26 - 2016 City of White Rock Annual Water Report 


Have a question? View our Frequently Asked Questions page.

You can also contact the team by email: or by phone:

  • For utility billing inquiries: contact the Financial Services Department 604.541.2100
  • For maintenance and repairs inquiries: contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department 604.541.2181

Water Quality Open House

On December 7, 2016, the City of White Rock held a Water Quality Open House at the White Rock Community Centre. 

If you were unable to attend or would like more information, please view the event materials.

If you would like to learn more about water in White Rock, please visit, or email