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Service Application Forms

If the application form you are looking for is not available on our website, please call 604.541.2181 or email water@whiterockcity.ca

Water Leaks

The City is responsible for leaks from the water pipes on City property: from the water main or from the service to the property up to the valve at the property line. City staff will confirm there is a leak and also determine if it is on the City's side of the service valve. If you notice water leaking on City property, contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department as soon as possible. If the leak is confirmed on City property, City staff will complete all repairs.

If the leak is on City property, please contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604.541.2181 or at water@whiterockcity.ca. Please note that calls made outside of regular business hours are automatically forwarded to Fire Dispatch who will contact a City staff member.

A water leak may be on private property if:

  • water is coming out of the ground in your yard;
  • areas of your yard are always soggy or wet; 
  • patches of grass that stay greener than the rest of lawn;
  • you hear water running even when taps are turned off.

For more information on water leaks please see page 21 of the Water Service Bylaw 2015, No. 2017

Water Main Flushing Program

The City of White Rock’s Water Main Flushing Program aims at maintaining the City's water quality and increases the capacity of the water system.

Flushing is a method of cleaning the water main pipes by forcing water through them at high speed and discharging it through hydrants, which are left open until the water runs clear. This fast-moving water flow scours and cleans out mineral deposits and sediment that have built up over time and settled at the bottom of the pipes.

Flushing operations are typically carried out between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, although this is subject to change. Residences in the flushing area should receive a notice advising of water flushing in the area. Watch for City signage on your street as that will indicate flushing is taking place in your immediate area. Crews typically flush an area working street by street. The average street takes approximately half an hour to flush. If you do not receive a notice, we will not be flushing in your area at this time.

Some residents may experience a temporary discolouration of water while the water main in your area is being flushed. Any disruption should be short-lived. Avoid turning on your taps or flushing toilets as this could draw sediment into the water pipes on your property, water meter, hot water tank, and into water filters. Turn off all time delayed water-line applicances. When water main flushing is completed:

  • remove aerators (screens) from taps
  • turn on your cold water tap located nearest your property's water meter/shut off valve and let it run for 10 minutes or until it runs clear
  • place the aerators back on taps
  • if you experience a loss of water for a long period of time (after 2 or 3 hours) please contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604.541.2181 or email water@whiterockcity.ca.

The City wide annual flushing program typically occurs during the months of November and December. Additional water main flushing may be scheduled at other times of the year.


Cross Connection Control

A cross connection is a piping arrangement that allows a potable water system to be connected to a source of potential pollution or contamination. It is vital to control cross connections in order to prevent a backflow of contaminents into potable water. Ultimately, backflow has the potential to cause the contamination of the entire public water supply, posing a risk for anyone using the water. For examples of cross connections that require control:

  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Swimming pools
  • Lawn irrigation systems
  • Boiler systems
  • Reclaimed water systems
  • Cooling systems

If there is an incident which results in contamination of public drinking water due to improper or unprotected plumbing connections, the owner or occupant of the property can be held liable for damages.

For more information see Bylaw 2015. No. 2117 Section 4 Integrity of Waterworks System.

Backflow Prevention

When backflow occurs, harmful chemicals and bacteria can pass through unprotected cross connections and into public water supply, creating a public health hazard. A backflow prevention device is a mechanical apparatus that allows water to flow in only one direction. If an unprotected or untested backflow prevention device connection wasn't installed or maintained properly and caused a public health hazard, the responsibility party, owners or occupants, can be held liable for damages.

  • Isolate your water system from the publics through the elimination of unnecessary cross connections.
  • Protect cross connections that cannot be eliminated with an approved Backflow Prevention Device or Assembly.
  • Conduct timely annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies on your property.

Backflow Testing Requirements

As the City of White Rock transitions into the new water utility, we will be implementing the online submission of test reports. This is to make test submissions easier for the consumer or the tester as they will no longer need to obtain a blank test form.

The City has contracted BSI Online to maintain all backflow testing submissions and newly installed or previously unregistered backflow preventors.

Testing will have to be completed by an individual who is certified by the British Columbia Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) and all back flow preventers shall be tested:

  • Upon installation (please note: the fee for filing a new test report is not included with plumbing permits)
  • When cleaned, repaired or overhauled
  • When relocated
  • Annually
  • As required by the regulatory authority

Certified testers will need to hold a White Rock Business License and register with the City's new contractor BSI Online to submit test reports online for a fee of $34.00. For new backflow device testing forms, please contact Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604.541.2181.

For more information on cross connection control and backflow testing see Bylaw 2015. No. 2117 Section 4 Integrity of Waterworks System.


The City of White Rock requires that residents/developers confirm that proposed buildings can be serviced with water prior to the issuance of a building permit.
Servicing requirements are:

  • property is reasonably close to a suitable watermain;
  • pressures in the nearest watermain are suitable for sprinkler fire protection to NFPA 13D (as required by Sprinkler Bylaw No. 1683);
  • existing hydrant(s) are within a reasonable distance to the proposed building and with adequate flow, and
  • backflow prevention is provided to protect the distribution system.

Once the Serviceability Form has been completed and submitted to the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 877 Keil Street along with a payment of $364.00 for single family and duplexes and $3,225.00 for multi-family and non-residential, the form will then be submitted to Kerr Wood Leidal. Once the serviceability report is complete the City will contact the registered owner of the property to pick it up.

Please note the Serviceability Report may take up to 10 business days to complete.

Water On/Off

A Water On/Off Permit is required to temporarily have the City water services shut off. The City turns off the water at a curb stop at the property line.

Application Fees: $52.00

Allow at least 48 hours notice from the time of full payment is required when requesting water to be turned on/off. If this is an emergency, please contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604.541.2181.

Water Service Disconnection

A Water Service Disconnection Application needs to be filled out before demolition of a building. The City will go onsite and decommision and remove the water meter and shut the water off to the property.

The meter is removed to avoid any damages to the meter during construction.

The application fee for a service disconnection is $72.00

Water Exemption Permits

Water exemption permits are allowed under Stage 1 and Stage 2 water restrictions.

If you have planted a new lawn during summer outdoor water restrictioins (May 15 - October 15) and the lawn has not yet established, you can request a temporary water exemption permit from the City.

  • Download and complete the Water Exemption Permit Application
  • Permit Fees are $52.00
  • Permits are valid for only three weeks (21 days) from the permit issue date
  • Permitted watering times are every day for 21 days between the morning hours of 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

A one-time renewal is available for residents unless the City has entered into Stage 3 water restrictions. At this time, residents will not be able to renew their permit.

Fire Hydrants

The Fire Department in White Rock rely on fire hydrants in our community to work every time they are needed. White Rock ensures hydrants are performing properly with regular maintenance, inspections and flushing. Reliable high pressure and volume are the most important factors in saving a building from fire.

Private Fire Hydrant

Some properties have privately owned fire hydrants which the City of White Rock does not maintain. If a privately owned hydrant is leaking or damaged, the property owner should be notified.

Fire Hydrant Use Permit

Using a fire hydrant is restricted to authorized people only. All connections to a fire hydrant must be fitted with a backflow prevention device, and an independant shut off valve to regulate the flow of water. Every backflow prevention device installed on a hydrant must be approved by the City of White Rock and must be provided by the customer or resident. Before a Fire Hydrant Use Permit can be issued, a damage deposit of $700.00 and a fee of $52.00 (per day) needs to be paid to the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department before the hydrant can be used. For more information please call 604.541.2181 or email water@whiterockcity.ca

Report a Drinking Water Problem

Emergency Water Problem: contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604.541.2181. All after hours calls made outside of regular office hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday) are automatically directed to the after hours Fire Dispatch who will call out a City staff member.

Non-Emergency Water Problems: contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604.541.2181 during the business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday or email us at water@whiterockcity.ca