Dog Licences

Dog Licence Fees

All dogs over the age of four months residing in White Rock must have a valid dog licence. A dog licence tag with an identification number shall last for the duration of the dog’s life. A tag no longer needs to be replaced when renewing a dog licence at the beginning of each calendar year.  Dog licences are valid from 1 January to 31 December in the year in which it is issued.

Every dog owner shall ensure that a valid dog licence tag is displayed on the dog at all times by affixing it to the dog by a collar, harness, or other suitable device.

Did you know? White Rock dog licences are the same or lower than other Metro Vancouver municipalities. Fees for licences differ depending on whether the dog is spayed or neutered.

Dog licence renewal forms are mailed in December to owners for dogs on record and are due and payable 1 January.

Male or Female Dog (not neutered or spayed)  $40.00
Neutered Male or Spayed Female Dog $25.00*
 Replacement of a lost tag


 * proof of neuter/spay is required with all new applications

Payments Can Be Made Through the Mail or In Person, At

City of White Rock
15322 Buena Vista Avenue
White Rock, B.C.
V4B 1Y6

For more information, please contact the Permits & Licences Department at (604) 541-2139.

If you no longer have a dog that was licensed in the past, please call at (604) 541-2139 or [(604) 541-2146 after hours] and our records will be revised.

Dog Licence and Pound Bylaw 1161

The Dog Licence and Pound Bylaw regulates the licencing of dogs in the City. Under this bylaw, owners of dogs must not permit their animals to bark in a manner which disturbs the quiet of the neighbourhood, must not allow their dogs to be at large, and must take special precautions to ensure that vicious dogs do not present a danger to the public. Every dog owner must immediately remove any excrement left by their dog on another person's property or on public property. No person shall own, keep, harbour or have in his possession any more than three (3) adult dogs per residential unit.

Dogs and the Waterfront

Dogs are currently prohibited from White Rock Pier and Promenade all year round.

Leashed dogs are now allowed on the waterfront area between Bay Street and High Street all year round as outlined in the map below.