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Status of Current Applications 

List of Current Development Applications

Please note the List of Current Development Applications is updated on a monthly basis and as such may not reflect the latest information about a given application. Numbers in the application description are approximate only and may change before final approval. For the most current information please contact Planning & Development Services directly at 604.541.2136 or by emailing

Application Forms

Development Application Form

Sign permit application form

Board of Variance Application Form

Development Planning Guides

Zoning Amendment

Major Development Permit

Minor Development Permit

Development Variance Permit


Duplex / Triplex

Policies, Bylaws and Guidelines

Official Community Plan

Bylaw 1852 - OCP Amendment 1.pdf [PDF - 312 KB]

Bylaw 1862 -OCP Amendment 2.pdf [PDF - 36 KB]

Bylaw 1892 - OCP Amendment 3.pdf [PDF - 5.6 MB]

Bylaw 1873 - OCP Amendment 4.pdf [PDF - 520 KB]

Bylaw 1874 - OCP Amendment 5.pdf [PDF - 6 MB]

Bylaw 1887 - OCP Amendment 6.pdf [PDF - 1 MB]

Bylaw 1916 - OCP Amendment 7.pdf [PDF - 739 KB]

Bylaw 1945 - OCP Amendment 8.pdf [PDF - 77 KB]

Bylaw 1957 - OCP Amendment 9.pdf [PDF - 713 KB]

Bylaw 1966 - OCP Amendment 10.pdf [PDF - 271 KB]

Bylaw 1987 - OCP Amendment 11.pdf [PDF - 41 KB]

Bylaw 1980 - OCP Amendment 12.pdf [PDF - 1.7 MB]

Bylaw 1991 OCP Amendment 13.pdf [PDF - 624 KB]

Bylaw 2014 OCP Amendment 14.pdf [PDF - 467 KB]

Bylaw 2035 OCP Amendment 15.pdf [PDF - 68 KB]

OCP Schedules

Zoning Bylaw

Subdivision Bylaw

Sign Bylaw

Sign Bylaw Guidelines

Election Signage

Development Cost Charges Bylaw

Town Centre Design Guidelines

South of Hospital Lands Neighbourhood Concept Plan

Accessory Registered Secondary Suite Program

Density Bonus / Amenity Contribution

Duplex / Triplex Design Guidelines

Advisory Design Panel Submission Requirements

Public Information Meeting Requirements

Accessory Bed & Breakfast Registration / Licensing Program

Existing Bed & Breakfast Establishments Policy