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Welcome to the City of White Rock's Construction Information Portal!

This webpage acts as a one-stop-shop ‘portal’ where residents and businesses can get up-to-date and at-a-glance information about major private sector construction projects (with approved zoning) happening in our City.

To find out more about various City capital projects relating to beautification, revitalization, and infrastructure upgrades (e.g. the Johnston Road Gateway Streetscape Project, the Memorial Park Upgrade, etc.), you can find out more at our City Projects webpage here.

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Background: Population and Housing Trends

Based on the last three census record periods (2001-2006, 2006-2011, and 2011-2016), Canada is the fastest growing G7 country, with an average population growth rate of 1 percent per year. 

Over the last census period, the Greater Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area (‘Vancouver CMA’ or ‘Metro Vancouver’; this area includes the City of White Rock), has outpaced the rest of Canada and British Columbia in terms of population growth, registering a 6.5 percent growth rate relative to the national growth rate of 5 percent and British Columbia’s rate of 5.6 percent. 

Focusing in on White Rock, the City’s population grew by 3.2 percent between 2011-2016, and is now estimated to be about 20,000 residents – 57 percent of which (11,410 residents) are a part of the ‘working age’ (15 to 64 years of age) population category. 

White Rock is also located within the fastest growing ‘sub-region’ of the Vancouver CMA; this sub-region includes Surrey (the second fastest growing municipality in the Vancouver CMA at 10.6 percent) and the Township of Langley (fastest growing municipality overall at 12.6 percent), which is within a seven-kilometer drive of White Rock.  

Within this context, it is evident by observing regional construction activity that new growth and investment is happening across the Vancouver CMA, focused around rapid transit networks and within newly planned areas and well-established, regional destinations like White Rock.

Population and market trends also show that young professionals and aging baby boomers alike are opting for higher-density, multi-family housing options (ie. apartments), and recent market information suggests a distinct ‘housing type shift’ within Metro Vancouver, where single-family homeowners are moving towards more multi-family options as well.

Another key factor is land economics, as rising land prices are placing upward pressure on the affordability of housing types. This has resulted in a shift towards more multi-family housing options, as apartments and townhouses are now the dominant housing type under construction in the Vancouver CMA.

Construction Activity in White Rock

In White Rock, a number of new developments will be under construction over the next 5 to 6 years that reflects this growth and evolving market trends towards developing vibrant and successful Town Centres. The new developments will complement the existing mix residential-commercial space and shops by adding new apartment buildings, shops, offices and a larger customer base for businesses. These developments will also improve the walkability of our community, and provide residents and visitors with various public amenities including improved sidewalks, plazas and parks.

Many of the City’s new development projects involve the redevelopment of large properties, close to existing residential and commercial areas and adjacent to major streets.  As mentioned above, between four to six new major developments will be under construction in the Town Centre area in the next 5 or so years. At least four of these, located within three blocks of each other, are anticipated to be under varying stages of construction at the same time. 

As new construction will require parking areas for construction workers (as they are not permitted to park on City streets) and identifying long-term sidewalk and road usage areas for construction activities, the Communications Department has developed a ‘Construction Information Portal’ on the City’s website. This portal includes maps and information sheets that provide ‘easy-to-access and at-a-glance’ information regarding the construction of new projects: where they are located, what is contemplated for the site, who is constructing them, and how the needs of local residents and visitors will be accommodated during their construction.   

Construction Information Portal

This webpage acts as a one-stop-shop ‘portal’ where residents and businesses can get up-to-date and at-a-glance information about construction projects by the real estate sector happening in our City by the Sea. This information includes:

  • the number of major construction projects;
  • what the construction projects are;
  • where they are located;
  • how long they will be under construction;
  • who is building these projects, and how to contact them; and
  • information on construction worker parking and long-term road closures.

Browse the following categories below, and click on the links to find more important information!

New Major Developments in White Rock

Please click on the image below to see the location and construction timing of major development projects (zoning approved) in the City:

Info on New Major Developments

Wondering what has been approved for construction in your neighbourhood? Interested to know what kind of housing, shops and other features you can expect in the near-future? For ease of reference, we've compiled information regarding the location, height, dwelling unit counts, and commercial floor space for each major development project with zoning approval.

Check out our Info Sheets at the following links for more details on your development project of choice:

Town Centre/Uptown: Development Sites and Construction Info

White Rock’s Town Centre is home to a mix of shops, offices and residences, and many new existing apartments, stores and office spaces will be added to our City’s commercial heart in the coming years. 

Please click this link to see our Development Sites & Construction Map - Town Centre and Lower Town Centre to see exactly where construction is occurring and when it will be occuring in the Town Centre and Lower Town Centre.

Curious about the Johnston Road 'Gateway' Streetscape project? Click here for more information.

Construction Parking and Street Use

These info maps show individual major construction sites, construction parking areas, and anticipated road/parking lane closures and usage.  Parking for construction trades is not allowed on City streets, so on-street parking is available for residents and businesses.  The sheets also include contact information for the builders and contractors, should you need to contact them:

Construction Management Plans

City Council requires new development projects to provide ‘construction management plans’ that includes information on the builders/contractors, timing, crane locations, first aid and office locations, construction parking and sidewalk and road use/closures. For reference, these plans are provided below (more plans will be added as projects break ground):

Site & Landscaping Plans

These plans provide cursory information on the proposed landscaping and public realm consideration of major development projects, including the provision of public amenities (e.g. sidewalks, plazas, greenspace), improvements to the City's urban canopy (e.g. new tree plantings), and the general siting of the overall building (e.g. the proposed footpring of the development).

For reference, a sample set of relevant landscaping plans are provided below.

Need More Information?

Have a question? You can contact the Planning and Development Services Department by phone, by e-mail, or in-person - details provided below:

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