Advisory Design Panel Meeting

Date & Time: March 28, 2017 (3:30 PM - 5:30 PM)

Role and Mandate:
The Advisory Design Panel (the Panel) is appointed by the Council to advise Council on the quality of design of the built environment of the City and specifically to provide comments and suggestions to improve the design quality of development permit and duplex applications for new development and redevelopment in the City. In the review of development permit/duplex/triplex applications referred to it by the Development Services Department (the Department), the Panel should consider the following matters:

  • the Development Permit Guidelines documented in the Official Community Plan; 
  • ensure that all new development is of a high standard; 
  • ensure that new buildings and structures harmonize with neighbouring development; 
  • promote high quality building design, which contributes to the improvement of the public realm; 
  • ensure that buildings are designed with all due regard for public safety and accessibility; 
  • the intended function of the project, and the existing and future context within which the project is located; and 
  • ensure compliance with other relevant City of White Rock bylaws (example: The City of White Rock Tree Bylaw).

Agenda and Minutes