Mayor & Council

When can Council meetings be viewed?
Council meetings are scheduled approximately twice a month. They are televised on the Tuesday directly following the Monday meeting at 9:00 p.m. on Shaw Cable 4.  

Please note that live sporting event coverage may pre-empt or delay council broadcasts (i.e. WHL Playoffs). Check local listings and the current Council schedule for more details.

The meetings are now also live streamed and archived on the City’s website, ready to watch at your leisure.

How can I contact Council?

Do you have an idea, question or some feedback you want to share with the Mayor and Council? One of the quickest and easiest ways to share your thoughts is to send an e-mail to White Rock Council.

How can I appear at a Council meeting on a matter?

A person or organization wishing to appear before Council as a delegation must provide notice of that intent by 4:30 p.m. on the Monday prior to the scheduled meeting. The number of delegations is restricted to five (5) per meeting.

Delegation Form [PDF - 183 KB]

Please send your completed form to the City Clerk's Department.

Regardless of the number of people in your delegation or the number of topics you wish to cover, the delegation as a whole is only permitted five (5) minutes to make its submission to Council.

Council cannot hear delegations regarding:

  • Any matter that will be the subject of a public hearing;
  • Any matter that is undergoing a local area service process or counter petition process;
  • Any matter which the City has commenced prosecution and on which judgment has not been rendered;
  • The promotion of commercial products or services which have no connection to the business of the City;
  • Publicly tendered contracts or proposal calls for the provision of goods and services for the City, between the time that such contract or proposal call has been authorized and the time such contract or proposal call has been awarded by Council or City staff; and
  • Any matter that has been considered previously by Council which staff are working on or staff have completed to Council’s satisfaction.

An individual or delegation can only appear once on a matter and / or a proposed solution, either by Council or the individual or delegation, per year (from the time of the original appearance). 

A delegation intending to give a power point presentation must supply the City Clerk with a copy of the presentation prior to the meeting.  The presentation will be reviewed by staff, to ensure that it is professional and relevant to the Council proceedings.  If it is found to be unprofessional or irrelevant the offending slides/pages will be removed or the entire presentation will be rejected.  Staff will contact the delegation to inform if this is to occur.