Pay Parking

The City of White Rock uses a Pay-by-Space system at the Waterfront and modern dispensers to best meet the needs of our customers. This system allows customers to move freely throughout the waterfront area without having to return to their car to display their receipt or extend their parking time. They can buy additional parking at any dispenser, by telephone, or through the paybyphone app. Most of the brightly coloured easy-to-use dispensers are solar powered, and therefore very energy efficient.

Just enter your space number and pay, keep the receipt, and walk away!

When must I pay for parking in the Waterfront area?
Pay Parking is in effect from 10 am to 12 midnight year round.

Must I pay if I have a valid White Rock Resident's Decal?
Your valid decal still entitles you to a daily maximum of 4 hours free parking in the City of White Rock pay parking areas 

  • Marine Drive pay parking in lots and on the street
  • Peace Arch Hospital pay parking lots on the street
  • Centennial Park pay parking in the lots and on the street

How do I use the dispenser to pay for parking?
Pull into the parking stall and note the stall number (all parking stalls are individually numbered), then proceed to the most convenient pay station (all pay stations will accept payment for any stall number in the system). At the pay station: • Press any key to bring up the display screen.

  • Enter the stall number using the keypad.
  • Enter “1” which is “Begin Parking” or "2" to add time to existing parking.
  • Select the amount of time desired (up to a maximum of 4 hrs for spaces east of Oxford and west of “the Hump” which are stalls 1400 through 2999).
  • Make payment using coins or credit card. (The pay stations accept Visa and MasterCard. It also accepts Canadian $2, $1, and $0.25 coins as well as US $0.25 coins.)
  • Receive the receipt. You do not need to return to your vehicle to place anything on the dash. The receipt shows the stall number and when the parking time expires. The phone number for Verrus is also printed on the receipt should you wish to later add time using your cell phone. (Verrus requires a credit card to be used when it is a customer's first time calling.)

How long can I park for?
There is a 4 hour maximum stay in effect for all spaces East of Oxford and West of "The Hump". These are stall/space numbers 1400 through 2999. There is no maximum stay in the other areas, as long as you have paid for parking according the current hours in effect.

What methods of payment are accepted?
Visa, MasterCard, or cash in the form of toonies, loonies, or quarters. Please note the dispensers do not give change. Please have your payment ready when you approach the dispenser. You can also pay by phone with your Visa or MasterCard at a cost of $.25 per transaction. If you pay by cell, you will even receive a text message reminder five minutes before your parking time expires.

Must I return to my car to display receipt?
No! Just keep your receipt handy to refer to your stall/space number and expiry time so you can easily extend your stay at any of the conveniently located dispensers or by telephone.

How do I pay by telephone?
Just call Verrus at (604)676-1750. The first time you call you will need to register with your 10 digit telephone number, a 4 digit numeric password of your choice, and your credit card number with the expiry date. When you are ready to pay for parking, just make sure you know your stall/space number and follow the voice prompts. It's easy!

How can I extend my parking stay?
Just refer to your stall/space number (it's listed on your receipt), and visit any dispenser, or call Verrus at (604)676-1750. With pay by cell there is a $.25 transaction fee. If adding time to your initial purchase before your parking time has expired select "Add Time" on the dispenser menu and your time will be credited at the end of your initial purchase. If your parking time has already expired, select "Begin Parking" on the menu to initiate a new purchase.

Contact Information

For more information contact us at 604.541.2148 or email