Bus Layover Update

An update for residents on the bus layover in White Rock

White Rock staff have worked diligently with Coast Mountain Bus Company, the City of Surrey and Translink to find alternative locations for a bus layover, as a follow‐up to the commitment to local residents that the bus layover on Foster will be closed on September 12. After much consideration, a location on Thrift has been selected. The previous bus layover on North Bluff is permanently closed due to pedestrian and vehicle safety issues.

The bus layover will be sited on the north side of Thrift, just west of Johnston Road where a current bus stop is already located and where the 351 bus used to layover up until a year ago.

The bus company has altered their schedule to limit the number of buses in the layover to two at a time. The rare exception will be three buses at one time when there is a scheduling conflict. To limit the potential for impact on local residents, transit supervisors will be monitoring the layover to ensure that bus drivers do not idle their buses unless necessary and to reduce the length of layover.

When the buses leave the layover location, they will continue north along Thrift, making a right onto Oxford to continue with their route back up to North Bluff. The Johnston/Thrift/Oxford route has been selected as these are designated Primary Arterial roads in the City.

City staff continue to work with the City of Surrey, Coast Mountain Bus Company and Translink to identify opportunities to further reduce the impact of buses and associated bus layovers on White Rock and Surrey residents.

For more information, contact Rob Thompson, Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations at  (604) 541‐2184.