Biweekly Garbage Collection is Here

Biweekly Garbage Collection is Here!

On October 1, 2012, garbage collection for single family dwellings moved to biweekly (every second week). Blue box recycling and the Green Can program continue to be collected weekly. A brochure outlining the changes to your garbage collection day can be picked up from any City facility.

It's easy to have a Green Can!

If you don't yet have a “Green Can”, here are some handy tips to make one today. Please note the City does not provide these bins to residents.

  • Use any plastic garbage can (60 liters or less) with a secure lid (same as used for yard trimmings).
  • Collect all food scraps in a kitchen food scraps container. Save money by reusing an ice cream bucket or other lidded container.
  • Empty food scraps into the Green Can. You can line your Green Can with a paper kraft bag to help keep it clean – bags are recommended and are available to purchase at all City facilities. Sorry, plastic bio-degradable bags are NOT currently accepted at local processing facilities.
  • The Green Can is picked up every week – make sure the decal is facing the street.
  • Please note, the Green Can program is only available to single family dwellings at this time.