Property Care for Ravine and Slope Side Residents

If your property is near a ravine or slope you probably already know that these are highly sensitive areas. Your property care decisions can influence the stability of the slope, your neighbour's property, as well as those at the bottom of the slope.

Tips to ensure better slope stability include:

  • Do not construct any structures, paths/trails, ponds, pools, landscaping or irrigation systems at or near the top of slopes or along slopes without approval of a geotechnical engineer;
  • Do not remove vegetation from anywhere along the slopes;
  • Regularly inspect structures for damage and ponds, pools and irrigation systems for leakage;
  • Do not discharge rain runoff onto slopes. Discharge rain run-off away from slopes and into a City-approved storm-water disposal system
  • Do not dispose of yard waste or place fill (soil) on top of or along slopes;
  • Check for applicable permits from the City of White Rock for any planned works adjacent to slopes.