Volunteer for a 2014 Committee!

2014 Committee Appointments

The City of White Rock is seeking volunteers to provide insight and expertise to serve on City committees in the following subject areas:

Public Art Advisory Committee
No less than five (5) and up to nine (9) members of the public and one (1) member of Council (One year term).
The Public Art Advisory Committee provides advice to Council and staff regarding matters concerning public art that Council and staff refer to the Committee. Members should have knowledge of public art practice and represent a broad cross-section of the community.

Economic Investment Committee
Up to seven (7) voting members from development, business and/or planning backgrounds. One (1) member of Council and the Chief Administrative Officer as non-voting members (One year term).
The Economic Investment Committee advises Council and staff regarding matters referred to the Committee by Council regarding economic investment in the City.

Environmental Advisory Committee
Up to seven (7) voting members and one (1) member of Council (One year term).
Advises Council and staff regarding environmental matters referred to the Committee by Council.

Advisory Design Panel
Six (6) members minimum (Two year term). Two (2) resident positions are required at this time. Qualifications: must be residents of the City of White Rock and have background in any of the following: engineering, urban planning, real estate, development industry, construction, architectural technology, building design or residential design.

The Advisory Design Panel is appointed by White Rock Council to advise on the quality of design of the built environment of the City and specifically to provide comments and suggestions to improve the design quality of development permit and duplex applications for new development and redevelopment in the City. In the review of development permit/duplex/triplex applications referred to it by the Development Services Department (the Department), the Panel should consider the following matters:

the Development Permit Guidelines documented in the City's Official Community Plan;

  • ensure that all new development is of a high standard;
  • ensure that new buildings and structures harmonize with neighbouring development;
  • promote high quality building design, which contributes to the improvement of the public realm;
  • ensure that buildings are designed with all due regard for public safety and accessibility;
  • the intended function of the project, and the existing and future context within which the project is located; and
  • ensure compliance with other relevant City of White Rock bylaws (example: The City of White Rock Tree Bylaw).

The Advisory Design Panel meets on an as needed basis, at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Board of Variance
Three (3) members of the public. Three (3) resident positions required (Three year term).
The Board of Variance adjudicates appeals for minor variances to City bylaws, including zoning, as set out in Sections 899 and 901 of the Local Government Act. Meetings are held as required, at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays (approx. five per year).

Outstanding Canadians on the Peninsula
One (1) resident, one (1) White Rock Museum representative and one (1) member of Council (One year term).
The White Rock Outstanding Canadians on the Peninsula Legacy Committee Program is the primary program for recognizing the contributions of citizens in making White Rock a successful, vibrant and harmonious community. One (1) resident to be appointed to help with the selection process for this honour.

Cultural Activity Task Force
Up to nine (9) voting members, one (1) member of Council. Appointment to December 2014 or when activities complete.
The purpose of the Cultural Activity Task Force is to put into action the strategic plan for the advancement of arts and culture in the community which was proposed by the 2012 Arts Economic Task Force. The Cultural Activity Task Force will be involved in strategic planning work to develop a 5 Year Cultural Strategy for White Rock as well as collaborate with stakeholders in the community, in particular Semiahmoo Arts, with a view to implementing the strategic plan to make the Arts a mainstay of the City's economic base and advance arts and culture in White Rock.

City of White Rock residents will be considered initially to form the membership of these committees.

Please submit a resume specifying your preferred area of interest and outlining any relevant experience for the City committees to:

The Corporation of the City of White Rock
15322 Buena Vista Avenue, White Rock, BC V4B 1Y6
e-mail: clerksoffice@whiterockcity.ca with "2014 Committee" typed in the subject line

All applications must be recieved no later than 4:30 p.m., November 21, 2013.

All applications/resumes may be made available to City of White Rock Council and staff for review. Teh information is collected under teh authorty of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.