City of White Rock Introduces Food Carts on the Waterfront

The City of White Rock recently launched a food cart pilot project along the waterfront.  The pilot project came about following a community Waterfront Forum which took place last year giving residents an opportunity to discuss and provide feedback on their vision for the future of White Rock.  The pilot project allows up to sixteen food carts during the summer season June 15 to October 15, 2013.


The objective is to take advantage of our scenic waterfront and enhance the experience for both residents and visitors to the City of White Rock.  In consideration and to mitigate potential impact on existing local businesses, one of the criteria to be met is that a food cart applicant must hold a current restaurant business license at East Beach or West Beach.


“The City of White Rock listened to the comments and suggestions that were provided at our Waterfront Forum and we are proud to move forward with this project,” said Mayor Wayne Baldwin. “We are very pleased with the response from our local businesses that are participating in this project and trust that visitors to White Rock's scenic waterfront will enjoy the opportunity of sampling some of the great food available at our beach.”