City offers more recycling material to curbside collection

The City of White Rock will be adding to the list of curbside recycling materials on 1 July.

As of Canada Day, Blue Box recycling will be expanded to include pick-up for a wide variety of new products including paper/plastic drinking cups; empty and non-hazardous aerosols/spray cans; gable top containers used for such products as soups and sauces; milk, soy and rice milk containers; plastic garden pots; bakery trays; egg cartons and more. The City will also offer flattened cardboard curbside collection in yellow or blue bags.

A new red bin will be delivered to single family residences for separated glass collection. In the delivery of this bin, a brochure will be available for residents on new and existing products offered in curbside collection.

The City currently offers the collection of many products including as newspaper, mixed paper, tin, plastic and aluminum containers. Multi-family complexes will need three types of roll outs - glass, containers and paper/newsprint. All paper products can be combined into one roll out or in the blue or yellow bags for collection. 

The City will be phasing out the cardboard depots at City facilities as it beings to offer flattened cardboard collection curbside. 

For more information, please download the relevant brochure on recycling in the related links or contact Engineering and Operations at 604.541.2181.

Please note: The advertisement in the Peace Arch News on Thursday 26 June was in error. Please accept our apologies and download the PDFs on the right for further information.