Honouring Business and Arts

The City recognizes the important role arts and culture has in strengthening the social and economic fabric of our community. Through the various arts and cultural events hosted throughout the year, the City has showcased some of the artistic talent that exists within our community.

An integral component to its success is attributed to the contributions and support that local businesses have provided through donating space for showcasing art or commissioning local artists to create murals. On 29 September, Council recognized the support of the following businesses to the arts and cultural community at a special presentation during the Council Meeting. 

Businesses who donate wall space for local artists to display and sell their artwork: 

  • Laura’s Coffee Corner 
  • Gelateria Italia 
  • Pelican Rouge Café 
  • Java Express Neighbourhood Café 
  • Small Ritual Coffee Society 
  • Jan’s on the Beach
  • Giraffe Restaurant 
  • Whitby’s Coffee House
  • The Yucca Tree Café 

Businesses that have murals commissioned by local artists: 

  • White Rock Travel 
  • Blue Frog Studios 
  • Uli’s Restaurant