Rethink Garbage for Waste Reduction Week

Across the nation from October 20 to 26, 2014 schools, businesses, governments, and individuals are challenged to change their habits to reduce waste. Join the City of White Rock as we work to make simple changes to reduce our waste.  

Waste Reduction Week is a perfect opportunity for all British Columbians to make simple changes in their lives. Some of these actions could include refilling your morning coffee mug, refusing a shopping bag at the checkout, or buying in bulk to reduce packaging,” says Macdonald. “As Canadians we already understand the importance of a healthy environment, but sometimes we forget that our everyday actions are a statement of those beliefs. Small changes can gain big results.

"If we can reduce the amount of waste that is produced in the first instance, we are conserving resources and limiting the need to reuse or recycle. Canadians produce more than 31 million tonnes of waste annually, that’s 2.7kgs per person per day. In perspective, that’s the same volume of waste being generated as piling up 31 million average family cars. Nearly 40% of this waste is generated at home with the remainder coming from commercial, industrial, construction and demolition sources. Of the waste we are generating, we are diverting less than 25%.

According to Environment Canada, landfill sites account for 38% of Canada’s total methane emissions. It is up to each of us as individuals, communities, schools or businesses to consider what we  are throwing away and the environmental impact this is  causing. We need to look for alternatives that will  promote waste reduction and help to protect our environment."1


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