Autumn Tips to Help Storm Water Drain

Date & Time: September 1, 2015 (All Day)

After last weekend, we’ve definitely changed seasons! Here are a few tips that you can do around your property to help storm water drain this fall. 

  • Clean your foundation drains so that the rain water collected from your house and property can be directed out to the City storm sewer. These drains are pipes and can become blocked by such things as leaves, pine needles, silt, dirt or roots.
  • Clear street gutters & catch basins of leaves, garbage, other debris, or snow to help prevent flooding in your neighbourhood.
  • If you have an open ditch along your property, it is important to check that the ditch and culverts are clear to ensure proper drainage of storm water.
  • If your down pipes from your house are connected to a hole near the house foundation, your down pipes are likely connected to your perimeter drains.  These down pipes take rainfall from your roof gutters to the perimeter drains around your house foundation.  This may cause excessive flow to your foundation drains and result in flooding of your house.  To prevent this, direct your home’s down pipes onto splash pads.  This allows rainfall from your roof to soak into your lawn and garden.