Put Waste in its Place!

City of White Rock launches new searchable database for garbage, organics and recycling

There’s no magical way to get rid of your garbage and recycling, but the City of White Rock’s new searchable widget database will take out the confusion about where it should go.

The “Put Waste in its Place” widget allows residents to search over 1,000 items and learn where to dispose of them. The various waste management options focus mainly on solutions for residents who receive curbside collection, but the basic sorting information also applies to residents who live in multi-residential buildings.

The city created the searchable database to deal with the increased opportunities to recycle through the blue box, the red box for glass and for green-bin items such as paper towels, which many residents don’t realize can be included.

It will also help residents weed out items that the city doesn’t recycle, such as Styrofoam. These items would need to go to a specific depot that is listed on the application.

The easy-to-use database at www.whiterockcity.ca/placewaste highlights City-provided recycling services and also promotes reuse, for example by encouraging residents to donate their unwanted items to charitable organizations.

Quote: Greg St. Louis, Director of Engineering and Operations, City of White Rock

“We are always looking for ways to enhance the City’s ability to provide quality customer service. The “Put Waste in its Place” online tool is ideal because it removes the guesswork and provides quick solutions. The wrong item can contaminate the recycling stream, damage equipment and cause workplace injuries. If you don’t recycle properly, we can’t either. “