Claim your Home Owner Grant

In order to be eligible for a Home Owner Grant, the registered owner of the property must reside in the home and it is to be considered their principal residence.  An owner together with his/her spouse qualifies for a grant on only one residence in the Province in any one calendar year. 

Only one of the registered owners is required to claim the grant, but this person must maintain the property as their principal residence.  Other registered owners may live elsewhere. 

The Home Owner Grant Application form is located on the bottom of the property tax notice. An eligible homeowner can also claim the grant without making a payment by simply filling out the application form and submitting it to the Finance Department by July 2, 2015. This will help avoid any penalties and interest charges on late grant applications.

Save time and submit your Home Owner Grant electronically if you’re eligible to reduce your property taxes with the provincial grant. All you need is your folio number and access code from your property tax notice. You do not need to make a property tax payment to apply for the grant, but make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.

Claim your home owner grant online from the date the tax notices are mailed until July 2, 2015 to avoid any late penalty charges. Home Owner Grants can be claimed online until December 31, 2015, but will be subject to late payment charges if claimed after July 2, 2015.

To avoid late penalty charges, claim your grant and pay your property taxes by July 2, 2015.