Discover Public Art on Foot

Although the Fall Festival of the Arts is winding down, the City of White Rock does not stop focusing on the arts. The City is pleased to release a walking map that features the plethora of public art in the community.

The Public Art Walking Map divides the City into two walking routes – Uptown and Waterfront. This map highlights the public art installations along both walks. Please take your time and look around. Art is big in White Rock. The facades of many buildings are adorned with murals and the lobbies are home to sculptures that are not a part of the public art program, but still are worth a moment of contemplation.

Visitors and residents alike can participate in either walk as the City designed the routes to minimize the time on the hillside. Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a jacket and umbrella so you're prepared for West Coast weather.

White Rock’s commitment to public art is funded through the Public Art Reserve. $50,000 is considered annually for Community Public Art projects. The funds are used for community art; public art around the city and the management, maintenance and installation of community public art. The purpose of the White Rock Community Public Art Policy is to:

  • Ensure public art continues to make the environment visually beautiful and reflects the City’s character and a broader cultural diversity.
  • Ensure artwork and the creative concepts of artists are supported through the Community Public Art program.
  • Serve as an act of public trust and stewardship for public art.
  • Establish a sustainable funding mechanism to support the City's commitment to public art.
  • Guide City staff in the implementation of the Community Public Art program.

For more information on public art in White Rock, visit