View Council’s 2014 - 2018 Strategic Priorities

Date & Time: September 11, 2015 (All Day)

The City of White Rock has provided more detail on 2014 – 2018 Council Strategic Priorities.  The document identifies the priorities of the City of White Rock for the term of Council and lays the foundation for the development of more detailed work plans.

The strategic priorities give Council and staff a clear roadmap. It helps focus energies on what is most important, ensures proper allocation of resources to different priority areas to short-, medium- and long-term goals, and provides direction to employees on how they contribute to the plan.

As some of these Strategic priorities move to an operational level, Council will direct new priorities and it will be reflected in this document. Some of the strategic priorities are long term, such as the OCP review, which will last until late 2016. The priorities are a working document that adapts to changing environments.

The 2014-2018 Council Strategic Priorities is available at