Don't Wait, Check the Date! It's Fire Prevention Week.

Fires are real, not just events in the news or movies. Fire is fast, extremely hot and spreads rapidly. It creates thick black toxic smoke that is even more deadly than flames! When fire strikes, seconds are important! There is no time to stop and think. Everyone needs to know what to do! Smoke alarms provide the early warning of the problem and a home fire escape plan will provide time to escape safely. Although we hope you never have to use it, planning and practising your home escape plan may one day save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The 2016 Fire Prevention Week Campaign is “Don’t Wait – Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years”. This year’s theme focuses on raising awareness and keeping your family safe by replacing smoke alarms that are more than 10 years old. To check how old your smoke alarm is, look at the date of manufacture on the back of the alarm; the alarm should be replaced 10 years from that date.

The fire service has again partnered with local schools to teach children and their families the importance of developing and practising a home fire drill. Children will learn these skills by completing an interactive fire safety worksheet – “Fire Safety Starts with You!” –provided by your local fire department. Those children successfully completing the activity booklet and the entry form and returning the entry form are eligible to enter to win one of six iPads.

Remember, fire safety starts with you!

Reproduced from NFPA's Fire Prevention Week website,
© 2016